AJS Modena


Owning a Modena is not just about getting from A to B economically, it’s a lifestyle choice.

The Modena 125 beautifully recreates the look from the golden era of scootering with its flair of Italian inspired design. Its light weight, automatic transmission, and low seat height make it a breeze to ride and easy to handle.

Whether you are joining in the many classic scooter rallies, commuting, or cruising along Brighton sea front, the Modena ticks all the right boxes.

Available in several colour options. Black & White, Red & White, Blue & White, Black, White, Blue, Grey, Orange.

Q. Why buy an AJS?

A. There are two aspects to this. Firstly there’s the reason to ride a motorcycle in general, and secondly, why you should choose to ride an AJS motorcycle.

AJS Motorcycles and scooters offer the following benefits:

  • Low running cost – a 125 motorcycle or scooter can return 100 mpg.

  • Inexpensive to insure compared to a car.

  • Easy to park, often for free.

  • CBT is much cheaper than getting a car licence.

  • Shorten your journey time by filtering through congestion.

  • Great fun and a sense of freedom.

Hopefully you see the benefits of motorcycling, but why should you choose an AJS motorcycle?

AJS motorcycles are of excellent quality and offer exceptional value for money, yet all AJS motorcycles are European Whole Vehicle Type Approved to the latest standards meeting or exceeding European safety and emissions requirements.



Key Features:

  • 17 year old learner legal
  • Drive on CBT, A1 driving licence
  • Ultra smooth 4 stroke engine
  • Automatic transmission
  • Light and easy to handle
  • Front and Rear Luggage Racks (5kg max load)
  • Centre stand and side stand fitted
  • Excellent fuel economy

Please note, the single colour Modena is fitted with black tyres, the two tone Modena is fitted with whitewall tyres. However, AJS Motorcycles Ltd state they reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice, so please check with us for exact specification and availability prior to order.


Technical Details

Engine type: 4-stroke, forced air-cooled
Displacement: 125 cm³
Compression ratio: 9.2:1
Max. power: 5.3 kW @ 7,500 rpm
Max net torque: 7.5Nm @ 6,500
Fuel system: Delphi electronic fuel injection
Emissions: Euro 5
Fuel tank capacity: 4.6L
Fuel type: Unleaded or E5 petrol

Transmission: CVT twist & go
Mass in Running Order: 99kg

Actual Mass: 174kg
Max Laden Mass: 269kg
Starter: electric and kick
Brakes: Combined braking system

Wheels: Front 3.50-10 Rear: 3.50-10

Seat height: 735mm
Length: 1885mm
Width: 770mm
Height: 1090mm
Wheelbase: 1360mm
Max Speed: (approx): 55mph
Fuel consumption as recorded on the COC: 2.9L/kg/100km (97 mpg)

Electrical system: The maximum permissible load  for the alternator is 9 Amps. (110Watt).
The headlight, taillight, speedometer and turn lights are a total 85Watts,

so the extra must less than 25 watt. Remember; Amps = Watts / Volts



£2199 inc VAT

On The Road Price £2299 – includes DVLA Registration, Road Tax & Number Plates.

NO HIDDEN FEES OR ADMIN FEES. Just straight forward pricing!


Do you love the retro style Modena as much as we do?

Simply Call us on: 01435 868808 or Email: sales@chalvingtons.co.uk

to discuss, Reserve, or Purchase 🙂 


Maintenance Information

Tyre pressure – front:     33 psi solo or with passenger (not to exceed 36psi)

Tyre pressure – rear:      33 psi solo or with passenger (not to exceed 36psi)
Tappet clearance In:      0.15mm

Tappet clearance Ex:     0.15mm

Engine oil type:              10w40 Class API, SG (Silkolene Super 4)

Engine oil quantity:        0.8 L (check on dip stick)

Transmission oil type:    80w/90 Silkolene Medium Gear Oil

Transmission oil level:    Fill to level plug

Spark plug type:              NGK CR7HSA

Air filter part number:     17211-ALA1-9000-125

Oil filter part number:     Gauze type, clean and replace
Fuel Pressure (EFI only): 0.25MPA